So Light

Solar light product-service-system for Africa 

Client:     Philips (the Netherlands)

Team:     Alkistis Kokorikou, Eleonora Ibragimova, Laurens Klomp, Harwin Schreijmen, Tessa van Doesburg, Yanzhu Zhang
Date:       2013


A product and service system was designed to introduce new sustainable products in the African market. The basic product is a solar lamp but there are two more expensive models with more functions. One is also a charger and the last one is a solar light, charger and radio. Because people in poor rural areas do not have savings and cannot buy a product at once, a rent-to-own service was created to give them this possibility. People can rent a lamp for a period of one year, after which they own the lamp. During this period they have to pay a fee every week or month in order to be able to use the lamp. They do that by sending an sms and getting back a code to put in the device. In this way they can have light and other services at home every day.



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