Characteristics of the ParkBook


> Its shape and size attract people’s attention

> It makes communication among park users easier

> Users feel the park familiar because they get to know each other

> It is functional and not just an exhibitIt attracts visitors to the park daily, since it changes every day


Forum system for public parks

The designed system functions as a physical forum, where park users can discuss and get in touch with each other.  The system consists of semi-spherical touch-screens on which users can write messages or make drawings, using a simple and user-friendly interface. The discussions and messages are visible on a website on the Internet, but new messages can only be added by the system in the park.

Design Process


Together with literature research, an extensive user research was performed to discover the reasons why public parks in the city of Athens are not attractive. Based on the insights from the questionnaires and interviews, new concepts were generated in the form of sketches and one of them was chosen to be developed in more detail, resulting in the ParkBook.



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