The challenge in this project was to make it suitable for  developing countries. The new product needed to address: 

• Low energy consumption
• Climate durability
• Hygiene
• Simplicity
• Ease of use for uneducated people

A working prototype was made for the MicroScan. The housing was 3D printed and the electonics programmed and integrated. The prototype was used to validate the concept by user testing.

MicroScan is a medical device that detects the oxygen level in the blood of patients by scanning the microcirculation under the tongue.

The new device features:

  • Ergonomic handle that helps the user avoid direct contact with the patient’s face.

  • Two buttons: one for power and one for measurement.

  • LCD screen and three LEDs (red, yellow, green) to show the result of the measurement.

  • Probe, probe cap and cap holder.

  • Batteries case.

Client:     MicroVision Medical, the Netherlands

Team:      Pamela Leon, Rasmus Anderberg, Stine Bechmann, Brian Khouw, Donglei Bee, Alkistis Kokorikou
Date:       2013

The MicroScan

An innovative medical device



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