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I am a user-centred product designer who can work in the full cycle of a product's design and development; from (user) research, conceptualisation and detail design to prototyping, (user) testing and product validation. 


I hold a master degree in Integrated Product Design from Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands) and an Engineer's Diploma in Product and Systems Design Engineering from the University of the Aegean in Greece.



  • Sketching

  • CAD software (Solidworks, Rhinoceros, Pro/Engineer, KeyShot)

  • Design software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)

  • Prototyping and model making

  • Integrating and programming electronics

  • Presentations, videos, animations

  • Detail / Embodiment design

  • Computer simulation

  • Product testing / validation


I can design a product in detail-ready for production, through an iterative process based on evaluating the result with working prototypes, tests and simulations.


I follow a holistic approach based on systems thinking, in which all aspects that infulence a product's performance are taken into account (e.g. ergonomics, interaction, usability, aesthetics, sustainability, material selection and production processes).


My interests led to me to gain extra knowledge and skills in:


  • Circular economy (circular product design and new business models)

  • Design for sustainability (LCA, Design for Disassembly)

  • Nature Inspired Design (Biomimicry, Cradle to Cradle)

  • Frugal innovation 

  • Design for the Base of the Pyramid (BoP)

  • Social Design

I am also a travel blogger!


My blog is called 

Travel Bananas and

you can visit it at


I see design as a means to improve people's lives and I want to design useful products based on real problems and users needs. 


I want to explore how design can change human behaviour.

Industrial Design Portfolio

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